Lead a franchiser to get in-depth analysis of business and add more branches

Lead a franchisor to get in depth analysis of business and add more branches


  • A franchisee of Zoup Chain of restaurant

Overview of client

  • A US-based client had bought 2 existing zoup restaurant franchises which were on offer for sale & business-ready. The client was looking for cost-effective services & the bookkeeping firms he approached earlier were too expensive for his business.

Outsource function opted

  • Clean up the books & keep them updated

Challenges faced

  • There were no financials available for these two business units.
  • The books were messy & were in an incomplete state
  • Book balances never matched with the bank statement
  • Inter-company transactions were wrongly posted
  • There were numerous duplicate entries

Solution provided

  • Discussed with the client to understand the situation & to obtain the required supporting documents to fix the books
  • Business acquisition entries were booked using the purchase agreement
  • Bank recons were fixed using the bank statements
  • Inter-company transactions were rectified to show the correct “due to & due from” balances
  • Duplicate entries were removed
  • Up-to-date books were submitted complete with financials, recons, schedules & fixed asset register

Key success points

  • Books were completed within 15 days along with schedules etc.,
  • The client was very happy with the quick turnaround time, the cost-effectiveness of the services & the happy state of his books
  • With books being ready well in advance, the client had enough time to review them with his CPA & file his taxes
  • The client was able to scale up within a short span of time bringing more business to us
  • Our consistency with the books enabled the client to happily refer our services to his business acquaintances which helped us to get more business

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