Benefits of working with us to a Aerospace tools dealer

Benefits of working with us to a aerospace tools dealer


  • An aerospace tools dealer based in San Diego,California

Overview of client

  • The client was struggling to manage AR function of his business which used a complex & tedious POS system. The invoices needed to be customized in the accounting software depending on the customer and their timely processing & mailing was required to ensure the timely payment by the customers. Further, follow up for payments was also a concern as the current system didn’t guarantee timely follow-ups.

Outsource function opted

  • Invoicing in QB & mailing the invoices to the customers
  • AR management
  • Creating books from scratch

Challenges faced

  • The invoices had to be customized depending on the customer
  • POS which was the data source was complex & needed a compilation of various reports from POS to collect the data required
  • There were a lot of incorrect invoices which needed to be matched with the correct orders.
  • Collections were not achieved on time as the invoices were not sent to the customers as per the records.

Solution provided

  • Established the process for pulling the data from POS.
  • The books were set up including COA, bank feeds, & rules.
  • The invoices were processed with required customization & consistently with zero error.
  • Established the process to match the invoices with orders to eliminate scope for error.
  • Timely creation of invoices which ensured timely collection.
  • Timely follow up on the unpaid invoices based on a report from QB.

Key success points

  • Resulted in a lot of savings in time & cost to the client through our streamlined processes
  • Books were completed & made current well within the client’s expected timeline
  • All the invoices which were due to be processed were completed on the same day even when the volume was more than average
  • The errors in the process were eliminated through standardized process & timely communication
  • The client was happy with our consistency & commitment and assigned us the accounting of one more business unit wherein we were asked to perform end-to-end bookkeeping and accounting activities.