A Real Estate investment firm now can concentrate on new deals and be on look out for new investments

A real estate investment firm now can concentrate on new deals and be on lookout for new investments


  • A South Carolina based real estate investment firm

Overview of client

  • A property management client managing more than 16 properties requiring each transaction to be updated according to the property they belong to i.e. class-wise. The client approached us with the requirement of tracking & managing bills for the properties individually & report the performance of each property

Outsource function opted

  • Bookkeeping & Reporting

Challenges faced

  • Maintaining the books of accounts with each property created as a class
  • Book transactions in relevant property and report the profitability of each property
  • Set monthly reminders for payment of all utility bills for each property as the business is into the hospitality industry and disruption of service due to non-payment would mean a blow on the client’s reputation

Solution provided

  • Maintaining the books of accounts per business requirement & P&L reporting of each property
  • Recommended & created Google docs for tabulating all the expenses incurred on each property on date/day basis to ensure none of the bills are missed
  • Provided the clear picture of the profits earned on each property after each sale or rental disbursal
  • Structured a list of all the utility bills which need to be paid with reminders for the payment, thereby avoided missing the payment date & consequent penalties

Key success points

  • Books were kept up-to-date
  • A timely report on the profitability of each property was provided on a regular basis
  • Suggested Google documents to follow daily tasks, weekly task & monthly tasks wherein we were able to manage and pay all the utility bills and all other property related expenses on time to avoid disconnections and penalties & it was difficult to track which bill was paid for which property and which wasn’t